Map and Layer prefabs

Like Prefab instantiation for tiles and objects, KITTY will instantiate the most relevant prefab named after a map or layer, if it exists.

Relevance is determined by how much of the prefab path matches the tilemap path.

Map components

A Grid component, static Rigidbody2D component, and a CompositeCollider2D component are always automatically added, so even with a custom map prefab, you don’t need to add those components yourself.

Components on and children of a custom map prefab stay on the tilemap GameObject too, of course.


You can use a custom map prefab for multiple tilemaps by naming it something like Map, and making named prefab variants of this Map prefab original.

Layer components

For layers, Tilemap, TilemapRenderer and TilemapCollider2D components are always automatically added.

Components on and children of a custom layer prefab stay on the layer GameObject too, of course.

The same layer prefab can be used for a layer in multiple tilemaps if they have the same layer name.

Since the prefabs are loaded based on relevance, you can have separate prefabs for layers with the same name by just having each tilemap in a separate folder, along with that tilemap’s layer prefabs.