Known issues

KITTY is a work in progress. It has missing features, known issues, and a few known bugs.

If you find an issue or a bug not listed here, you can contact me.

Isometric and hexagonal tilemap objects are misplaced

KITTY’s initial focus is on orthogonal tilemaps. While isometric and hexagonal tilemaps import and display just fine, any objects defined within will be offset immensely.

Visible property in Tiled does nothing

Ideally, toggling the Visible property on a Tiled object should still create a SpriteRenderer, but disable it by default.

Non-power-of-two tileset texture misalignment

KITTY doesn’t take into account any difference between a tileset’s defined width and height, and a non-power-of-two texture’s Unity-rescaled width and height.

A quick fix is to change the tileset image’s import settings to not rescale non-power-of-two textures.

Private [TiledProperty] fields aren’t serialized

While it doesn’t make sense to import a property value to an unserialized field (it’ll just be lost), the [TiledProperty] attribute doesn’t automatically force field serialization.

A quick fix is to add the [SerializeField] attribute as well.

Tile collision shape types are ignored

Typed tile collision shapes should probably instantiate a prefab per shape. They currently don’t.

Template objects don’t work

Templates are not yet implemented in KITTY.